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Do you want to sell customized products, but don’t have the capital to set up the machinery? Do you have customers who demand for custom products and you aren’t able to cater them? Do you want to earn more profits without investing a lot?Don’t worry ‘Pickitize’ is here to help you.

Pickitize is a platform where you just put through your customization idea and it turns your idea into reality.It will not just help you customize your given product but will also help you deliver it to your customers. So, basically you just download the Application and put forth the product you want to customize, the picture that you want on your product and voila! Your product is ready. Pickitize is not only about customization it will help you deliver the product as well.

If you have a customer who wants a customized mug then all you have to do is to upload the product details on the application and choose the picture that the customer wants on the mug and leave the rest up to Pickitize. From the customization to the delivery of the product will be done by Pickitize.

The important benefits of Application are as follows:

Your deal with ‘Pickitize’ with regarding the price will be completely confidential, your deal with the customer will be none of ‘Pickitize’s’ business.

The quality of the product will be looked after by ‘Pickitize’

The delivery of the product will be looked after by ‘Pickitize’

The returns and the issues related to the product will be looked after by ‘Pickitize’.

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Happy Customers

  • Got 10 customized skins for my customers. The quality was amazing and I really liked the deal they offered, plus the price they offered me was kept confidential. Hence, I earned good profits.

    Saicharan Bait
  • I had a few customized cases made for my customers, absolutely loved the quality of the products. The best part is the company itself delivers the products to the customers.

    Rahul Nikam
  • I had ordered an entire lot of customized Mugs for my customers and I have to say they were of amazing quality.

    Amit Tannir

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